The Method That Helped Thousands to Read Hebrew Easily

And Succeed in Learning!

Dear Parents,

If your son or daughter...

Struggles with reading difficulties in Hebrew, especially in reading without nekudos, and consequently reads slowly and sometimes doesn’t daven properly…

…your son struggles with difficulties in Gemara learning in general, has a hard time understanding the Gemara text inside or preparing a page of Gemara on his own…

…who is very talented but confused about his abilities, lacks self-confidence, feels depressed about himself and has given up on ever being able to understand the Gemara…

…who therefore suffers from gaps in his learning and consequently does not enjoy learning, is unmotivated, can and is frustrated because he gets no satisfaction from learning…

…and you are concerned that his low level of spiritual satisfaction may eventually lead him to the streets and to what awaits him there…’ve tried several remedial approaches but none have helped worry about the future wonder where to turn in order to help your child become a better reader and learner

Join Thousands Who Have Succeeded In Solving Their Reading Problem and Started Reading Hebrew Fluently!

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The assessment is conducted by Rav Zvi Zobin, Israel’s no.1 expert in Hebrew reading difficulties, founder of the ‘’Zobin Method’’ and ‘’Misgeret Reading Institute’’ . Rav Zobin has thousands of success stories from over 30 years’ experience assessing and helping boys and girls of all ages.

Come learn how…

As your son\daughter’s reading becomes more automatic and natural, it will also become more enjoyable.

Your son can gain confidence in his abilities and be more hopeful and motivated about his future success learning Gemara.

He will no longer feels frustrated and depressed about his lack of success,as he understands the material, and learning is a source of enjoyment for him.

He will be able to understand and remember new words and phrases in Hebrew, and this helps him acquire tools to become a successful, independent learner.

He can begin to enjoy learning and success, is motivated to learn and blossoms as he gains satisfaction from his learning.

He can derive pleasure and satisfaction from learning, feel a sense of belonging in the learning environment and does not have to look for enjoyment elsewhere.

A few words from satisfied parents:



As the father of a child with reading difficulties, it was very difficult for me to see the pain and suffering my son was experiencing, and every day that passed was more difficult than the one before.
The class was already learning Gemara and my son was still having trouble reading, until we got to The Zobin Method.

Baruch Hashem, from the very beginning we saw improvement, and by the end of the process it was impossible to believe that our son had had a reading problem. Now his reading flows naturally even without vowels and in Gemara he's at the level of other boys his age.


Lakewood, NJ

We came to the Machon with our 10 year old daughter, feeling stuck. She was having problems with fluency and accuracy in her reading, despite all the help she was getting. She was having an especially hard time with loshon hakodesh, which was what she needed for davening and studying.

In the lessons at the Machon she closed the gap in Hebrew and reading comprehension after only 4 or 5 lessons, and after the 9th lessons she was at an amazingly high level, reading loshon hakodesh quickly and confidently. This gave a tremendous boost to her self-confidence, and it's all thanks to this encouraging, positive approach that is truly one of a kind.


Toronto, Canada

With siyata d'shmaya, I met HaRav Zobin shlita, who immediately discovered the cause of my learning problem and made the connection between my poor reading and Gemara learning.

As a result of the tutoring, I experienced ongoing self-growth and discovery as I began reading rapidly and accurately. I was able to actualize my dream and finished an entire masechet instead of learning just a few pages as I had in the past. Not only was I able to read better, but I was also able to understand everything so clearly that everyone thought I was an expert on the topic. I began to enjoy learning and finished most of Shas in a few years, began learning b'iyun, and had a new world open up for me.


Monsey, NY

Our son was a good boy, but he always had difficulty in his learning. We spent a lot of money on evaluations and instruction, with no solution in sight...

When it came time to get into yeshiva, we were under a lot of stress until someone fortunately directed us to Rav Zobin, and then wonders happened!!

After only a short time, our son began to improve in his studies, amazing everyone around him.


Moscow, Russia

Now I realize that I read with reading mistakes my entire life.

After only four lessons I can catch my mistakes and correct myself. As a result, my learning of Gemara and Rashi has also improved.


Queens, NY

Now I can open new sefarim and understand them!

My tefila has improved drastically, and I have more confidence davening for the Amud.


Melbourne, Australia

My son started saying the whole Shema before he goes to bed from a siddur. Also a Perek in Tehillim every day, and he read a full page of pirkei avos on shabbos. All on his own, we didn't ask him to.

He is so excited that it's starting to get easier for him to read and we are so happy, I can't even tell you! So thank you. May hashem give you all the Brochos you need, you are a shliach of Hashem to work this miracle out with kids and it's amazing!


Tallahassee, Florida

The program really helped me!

You need it for daily reading, even if you think you already know what you're supposed to do.


Ramot, Israel

Great program!

The process is so simple that anyone can succeed at it and it helps at all levels of learning.


Manchester, UK

Just want to thank you for all the work you put in to me.

I didn't just gain reading fluency, the accuracy I now have in reading gives me a better understanding of the words too!


London, UK

My wife and I would like to thank you for your amazing progress, care and devotion you put in to *Yitzy. Yitzy came to shul and davened Maariv, Mussaf and the whole of Neila. He read and davened beautifully and looked comfortable at it. I told him that I hoped he feels very proud with the amazing progress he is making so quickly.

We can’t thank you enough, it means more to us than we could ever put into words. You should be blessed with every brocha that could think off and some that you can’t think of. With immense gratitude.


Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel

The process clearly helped me and advanced my reading tremendously, and I'm sure anyone can succeed in his Hebrew reading using this method.


Telz Stone, Israel

Now I remember, understand more clearly and relate more to the words.

Thank you R' Zobin!


Borough Park, NY

Now I read text more fluently and rapidly than ever before.

I am so grateful!

A few words from our Gedolim & Educators:

HaRav Pinchas Sheinberg ztz”l

Rosh Yeshiva, Tora Ore

It is with great pleasure that I recommend HaRav Zobin’s Method, which has helped many students who would otherwise have wasted their potential.

Rabbi Shmuel Strickman

Mirrer Yeshiva K'tana

It is imperative that parents and mechanchim of all grades familiarize themselves with this well-planned and tested approach.

Bostoner Rebbe, Shlita

Har Nof, Yerushalayim

I know personally of many who have been helped and therefore laud the time, effort, and system which Rabbi Zobin has established. May his efforts lead to success for many.
I strongly urge anyone who is not proficient in reading Hebrew to purchase these books so as to be better able to study Torah and be Mispallel to Hashem.

HaRav Moshe Saks, Shlita

Rosh Beis Din, Kiryat Mattersdorf

הריני בזה לאשר שבא לפני הרב צבי זובין נ"י שאני מכיר הרבה שנים כמגיד שיעור בישיבה גדולה, עם תכריך של ניירות כתובים על ענין חינוך ילדים וגם גדולים שיש להם בעיות בקריאה ובלימוד גמרא ועוד לימודים ויש לו דרך בדוק ומנוסה לעזור אותם לעלות למדרגה להיות ככל אדם בזמן קצר

HaRav Elkins

Principal of a reading institute in New York City

It is with great pleasure that I recommend HaRav Zobin’s Method, which has helped many students who would otherwise have wasted their potential.

Rabbi Yisroel Ettinger

Yeshiva Keser Dovid

The student's ability to learn Gemora usually improves significantly when he has worked on his reading skills using "The Zobin Method". Talmidim find the program both enjoyable and challenging, rapidly improving their reading and boosting their self-confidence.

HaRav Vagshal

Principal, Elementary School Gateshead

It is with great pleasure that I recommend HaRav Zobin’s Method, which has helped many students who would otherwise have wasted their potential.

Dr. Meshulam Teller


It is with great pleasure that I recommend HaRav Zobin’s Method, which has helped many students who would otherwise have wasted their potential.

Rabbi Y. M. Kriger

Kamenitz Elementary School (Cheder), Jerusalem

In my search to correct this problem, I was privileged to meet Rabbi Zvi Zobin. His methods are simple, motivating and successful for both younger and older children.
I believe that good results will be realized not only in the actual reading but also in other subjects as well.

Dr. Avraham ben Yochanan

Educational Psychologist

Zvi Zobin has compiled a system for the teaching of reading that includes a theoretical-technical explanation of the reading process as well as a detailed procedure for evaluating a reader's progress.

Rabbi Dovid Kornhauser M.A.(Oxon)

Lecturer in Education and Psychology, Teacher Training Seminary for Girls, Gateshead, England

The simplicity of your system belies its depth and power.
I greatly look forward to the day when every honest mechanech uses the "Zobin System" to raise standards and save untold misery.

Meir Wikler, D.S.W., B.C.D.

Individual, Marital and Family Therapy

Rabbi Zobin is a world-renowned educator, author and mechanaich who has specialized in educational remediation for learning gemora. For over twenty-five years he has been engaged in direct instruction, remediation and guidance as well as being consulted by other mechanchim from around the globe. Hundreds of students have grown immeasurably from his personal attention and thousands from the skills their mentors have gained by utilizing Rabbi Zobin's method.

Rabbi Raphael Lapin

Rosh Hayeshiva Keser Torah

Rav Zobin, שליט"א, who is himself a recognized authority and consultant in gemorrah education, does not really require my ,הסכמה however, I would like to express how impressed I am with his work both in terms of methodology and comprehensiveness. I am certain that it will make a significant contribution to to-days Torah world.

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

Author of:Guard Your Tongue, Gateway To Happiness, Love Your Neighbor, Gateway To Self-Knowledge, Begin Again Now.

The schedule set out, though deceptively simple, can be a powerful aid to helping a person realize how he can best harness and direct his talents.