A Few Words about

The Zobin Method

The Zobin Method was founded 30 years ago by HaRav Zobin, world- known educator and founder of the Zobin Reading Method.

It all began when HaRav Zobin came to Israel close to 40 years ago and was asked to teach children with talent and potential who were having reading difficulties. Disturbed that such bright children were having difficulty reading, he decided to analyze what was happening.

Using his background in science, technology, and data processing, HaRav Zobin began examining the makeup of learning and reading skills. He then used his findings and developed his own method to embed reading skills, based on a classic model of industrial skill-training techniques.

He began applying this method to his own teaching, and the results were astounding. Teenage boys and children who had been struggling with learning difficulties for years were able to make great strides in reading and learning after only a few hours of instruction.

When the Rav realized how successful the method was, he decided to find his own learning center where he could actualize his dream and carry out what he saw as his Life mission. For over 30 years now, he has been helping children and teenage boys throughout the world read fluently and experience pleasure and understanding in their learning.

Reading Fluency Directly Impacts Learning Performance

This is significant considering that studies have shown that poor learning performance is often caused by the lack of reading fluency and comprehension.

When reading is not automatic, a bochur uses his resources and energy to decipher nekudos and words, leaving him too depleted to work on comprehension or deeper levels of meaning.

After only a few structured, custom-designed lessons using a unique method and taught by the most professional reading instructors in Israel, they will be reading Hebrew fluently in a very short time.

Reading Automaticity

Our goal is to help every talmid acquire reading automaticity, which enables him to read more rapidly. The bochur/child is then free to concentrate on the material learned and understand it independently.

Structure of the Learning Process

The process is short, easy and straightforward.

Identifying the Root Cause

The process begins with an hour-long assessment to identify the cause of the reading problem.

Creating a Personal Program

Next, a series of 45 minute sessions are planned out to suit the talmid's needs. Usually, there is great improvement after only twelve such sessions; often this is enough to completely solve the problem.

Gently Reinforcing the Progress

The lessons take place in a pleasant, enjoyable atmosphere, and are given by certified instructors. The bochur/child receives complete instruction at all reading levels until he is able to read fluently and rapidly.

What we believe

Every Jew has a neshoma of infinite potential.

No man-made computer can come even close to the size, power, speed and capacity of the human brain.

No computer can fix its own problems

The brain has neural plasticity – the ability to change, fix and re-learn We all want to serve Hashem better.

The Zobin Method expands the horizon. The unique initial screening analyzes reading skills, determines the client’s learning style and looks for impediments to the client’s ability to utilize his/her inherent abilities– all in 45 minutes!

The Zobin Method not only upgrades reading and learning skills, and re- programs the brain to overcome difficulties, it also helps you relate to your own unique personality so that you can access your full potential.

The Zobin Method follows only the Massorah and Dass Torah, while accessing the latest in research, with endorsements from Gedolei Hador and leading Mechanchim.

The Zobin Method can help you and can help you help others. For further information about 1. upgrading your learning and 2. learning to help others, please contact us.