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Having difficulty reading Hebrew?

Need "Bar-Mitzvah" lessons for your son?
Hesitant to pick up a prayer book in the synagogue?
Looking to connect to the Jewish culture?

We've got you covered!

rapidly achieve fluency in Hebrew reading

Understand classic Jewish texts like the Torah and the Talmud.

Over 30 years experience

your son will read hebrew like a pro in no time!

connect to your heritage and roots

you will feel at home with the prayer services!

For over 30 years, Rabbi Zobin and his staff have successfully lead thousands to rapidly achieve Hebrew reading fluency, major progress in their Jewish studies and connection to their heritage and roots.

In many ways the key to connecting to the Jewish culture is through the knowledge of the Hebrew language and reading fluency and the basics of grammar in Hebrew are from the most basic and important steps to this.

This allows the student the ability to read and understand all classical Jewish texts including the Talmud which besides connecting them to the Jewish culture also are a major factor to grow as a person and better himself with very important ideas and modes of behaviour.

Our classes will enrich your family and community integration as you or your child will be comfortable in any Jewish setting and environment!

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All of our programs are taught over Zoom, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

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With many talented and skillful tutors available, we can plan the lessons based on your schedule.

Rapid Success

Our approach to teaching Hebrew is unique, and accomplishes goals easily and in minimal time.

Satisfied Customers

Join thousands who have successfully mastered the Hebrew language using our unique method of teaching.

We make people genuinely happy

Person on a tour
David stein

I had the best tutor ever

How did you do it? I paid out $40,000 during the past three years in attempts to improve my reading skills, with no success. And in only six sessions with you I'm already correcting my Dad's reading!

Person on a tour
Josh Marin

My life is completely different now

I am writing to express again my high level of satisfaction for the Hebrew course. I had an amazing teacher who was able to understand my needs and he brilliantly tailored his teaching to follow and answer my specific requests. I tried many times to start studying Hebrew by myself, but then I always stopped after a while, meeting some difficulties. After the course I had a look at the Hebrew books I already tried, and now they seem to be much clearer, understandable and meaningful. So I want to say that the course fully reached and fulfilled my personal aims. Thank you

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