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Learning Directions is a company committed to improving reading. Many underperforming students suffer needlessly from undetected, easily treatable vision problems that inhibit their ability to read and learn.

The likelihood of a student receiving a comprehensive visual screening, to test for the existence of vision problems, deteriorates with the wealth and education of parents. Poorer students are less likely to get the examination and / or treatment they require.

Schools across the country are struggling to help every student read at grade level. While some students are able to perform at high levels, even with uncorrected vision problems, many do not. The irony is that many school districts are spending thousands of dollars per child on intervention programs to raise the reading levels of children that cannot clearly see the text!

Learning Directions is committed to providing the tools and services required to screen all underperforming students for vision problems that inhibit reading and learning. Once students with vision problems have been identified (and if required, seen by an eye doctor), Learning Directions provides software tools that improve visual, perceptual and reading skills.

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